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Lawsuit comes as photos surface of male dancers at nursing home

A lawsuit was recently filed in another state (New York) alleging abuse and mistreatment of residents. The Long Island, New York, facility stands accused of intimidating, confusing, shocking and mistreating residents by bringing in "low-rent" male dancers several times to entertain residents. The allegations arose after a photograph of one resident putting a dollar bill into the underwear of a dancer was found by that resident's family. 

According to the lawsuit, the family, upon confronting staff at the facility with the photograph, had their concerns dismissed. The resident's son even claims that a staff member tried to steal the photograph from him; another family member was told by a nurse at the facility that the exotic dancers were brought in as an "enterainment event...in good faith." 

Shakeup occurs after nursing home audit findings released

In a post last month, we mentioned that Los Angeles County slated an audit to be conducted of the county's public health department following a report coming out alleging that misconduct had occurred in regards to the department's investigations of nursing home complaints. Recently, the findings of this audit were released. The findings paint a somewhat worrisome picture of the state of nursing home complaint investigations in the county.

Among the audit's findings were that:

  • There is a lack of central management when it comes to complaint investigations.
  • The department has not been using all the funds available to it in the past couple of years.
  • There are no deadlines in place for the completion of complaint investigations.
  • There are over 3,000 open nursing home complaint investigations in the county.
  • Nearly 1,000 open nursing home complaint investigations in the county have spent over two years open.

Care facility worker accused of leaving residents unsupervised

One of the forms care facility neglect sometimes takes is intentional failure by a care facility worker to adequately supervise residents. Not being properly supervised has the potential to cause California residents of assisted living facilities or nursing homes great harm. For example, if a resident suffers a medical emergency or some other type of emergency while not being properly supervised, major delays can occur in the resident getting the help and care that they need. Thus, one hopes that care facility workers are held accountable when they commit intentional actions that result in care facility residents not being properly supervised.

Recently, in another state (Iowa), a criminal case has arisen involving allegations that a worker at an assisted living facility caused residents of the facility to be completely unsupervised for a period of time.

Theft allegations leveled against senior home's security director

Recently, here in southern California, a man whose job was to protect elderly individuals has been accused of having used his position to steal from the very people he was supposed to be protecting.

The man in question is 57 and he worked as a security director at a Thousand Oaks senior citizen residential facility.

New financial abuse prevention resource developed in LA County

It is estimated that elderly individuals hold around 70 percent of the wealth of the United States. This, along with other factors, can make seniors here in America an attractive target for scammers. Seniors can lose massive amounts of assets through scams.

Elderly victims of scams may have options available, such as civil lawsuits, to help them recover the losses they suffered. The role these recovery options play is a vital and important one.

Neglect allegations brought against 10 nursing home workers

In another state, allegations have arisen that a now-deceased nursing home resident was subjected to neglect by multiple workers at the facility he was staying at.

Specifically, 10 such workers have been accused of neglectful conduct. The workers are nurse's aides and nurses. The nursing home in question is in New York. The alleged neglectful conduct included: not giving the resident proper bed mobility care, not giving him medication he was supposed to receive and not giving him proper incontinence care. Purportedly, some of the alleged neglectful conduct was caught on hidden cameras.

Nursing home worker accused of physically abusing resident

Recently, in another state, a nursing home worker was charged in relation to allegations that she physically abused a resident. The nursing home the abuse allegedly occurred at is located in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.

The resident is an elderly woman with dementia. The resident claims that, during an altercation she had with the worker, the worker grabbed her arms, caused her to suffer bruises, put a pillow over her face and took a doll that belonged to her.

Sentence issued in case involving fraud and elder abuse charges

Sometimes, seniors long for new opportunities for friendship. Sadly, there are individuals out there who take advantage of this longing and pretend to be friends with an elderly individual in order to steal from them. A man from California was recently sentenced in a case involving allegations of such a scam.

The man in question is 63 and he is from Redwood City. According to authorities, the man did the following to multiple individuals, some of whom were elderly individuals:

  • Worked at becoming friends with them until they started to trust him.
  • Then told them he was experiencing difficulties in his life, such as family and financial difficulties, and asked them for a loan to help with such difficulties, assuring them he would soon have funds available to pay them back.
  • Cut off communication with them and never paid them back once they gave him money.

Caretaker accused of stealing from and over-medicating senior

When an elderly person here in California receives care from a caretaker, one thing that the elderly individual's family should keep an eye out for is if there are any irregularities regarding the caretaker's administration of medication to the elderly individual. Sadly, incidents sometimes occur in which caretakers engage in misconduct when it comes to the giving of medications. One type of such misconduct is the intentional over-medicating of an elderly individual. Such caretaker misconduct can be very harmful and if an elderly individual's family suspects that such wrongdoing has occurred, they shouldn't hesitate to take prompt action, such as speaking to an elder abuse attorney about the suspicions.

A criminal case involving allegations of over-medication and other elder abuse has recently come up in another state, Alabama.

Nursing assistants accused of committing and taping elder abuse

Recently, in another state, two nursing home workers have been accused of having committed a rather major and despicable betrayal of the trust put in them.

The two individuals are both 18-year-old women and they worked as certified nursing assistants at a nursing home in Illinois. One of the home's residents is a 96-year-old woman with dementia. Authorities allege that, last Tuesday, the two workers hit this resident. Authorities further claim that the workers videotaped this physical abuse and then shared the footage with their friends. According to authorities, in the footage, the two workers are laughing as they commit the physical abuse.

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